Over the past 3 years, I have been completely consumed by the world of E-Commerce. From Dropshipping to a branded store, I’ve spent the better part of the last 3 years creating 7 figure E-Commerce stores.

In 2020, there are hundreds “gurus” with hundreds of theories and beliefs about Facebook Ads and how to scale them, but one thing remains consistent: You must create Lookalike Audiences and Custom Audiences to some extent in Facebook. You need those audiences to help you scale and to find audience sources of buyers.

How the heck does this relate to a Shopify App or doubling my sales, you ask? Let me introduce you to Audify. It is a Shopify App that will help you increase your sales overnight. Here two amazing reasons why you should consider installing this app..

#1 The Lookalike Audience Secret Menu

When you have a hot product or a ‘winner’, you have to start scaling it eventually to make more money. Everyone has their own philosophy on how to scale ads, but I’ll tell you one thing that most Facebook Ad experts agrees with: You need Lookalike Audiences.

Did you know there was a secret size selection for Lookalike Audiences that does not show up in Facebook’s Audience Manager? Yup! Facebook allows you to create Lookalike Audience sizes 11%-20% , but they do NOT have a way for you to do it on their platform.

Thankfully, Audify allows you to do it right through their platform. You can generate bulk Lookalike Audiences from any size 1-20%, giving you untapped audiences while also saving you hours of manual LLA audience creation.

I tried testing Lookalike Audience sizes 11-20% and right off the bat I hit some winning audiences. This unlocked a whole set of audiences to test, effectively doubling the amount of handy Lookalike Audiences I had to use. The results speak for itself.

Facebook Lookalike Audience Generator 11-20%
I ran a standard CBO Campaign with four audiences and did 17-20%, 13%-16 etc.

You can see right off the bat we found some good Audiences for a low ticket item. This was only my first run at it and you can see theres plenty of room for potential at these sizes.

If you’re testing multiple products or have a store with a lot of products not only can this app help you create Lookalike Audience sizes 1-20%, but it can also generate tons of them in one click for all your audiences. You can see how this might be a Dropshippers best friend.

#2 Save hundreds of hours setting up Retargeting Campaigns and Seed Audiences

Whenever I am testing new products, retargeting products, or scaling products, I’ve found one thing that has been extremely tedious and a complete suck on my time, creating audiences. Audiences are essential to scaling, retargeting and general targeting, but creating Lookalikes and Custom audiences for all of our products gets annoying repetitive .

For most standard retargeting you are most likely going to create a ViewContent, AddToCart and Purchase audience that also have to be created for the past 7 days, 14 days and 30 days. You may also have to create a Lookalike Audience for each one of your audiences at different sizes… Yup it’s a lot of grunt work.

Retargeting campaigns are CRUCIAL to scaling and your success, so there is no way of getting around this. The only way of coping with this is having a tool like Audify to automate some of it for you.

Audify can bulk create ViewContent (VC), AddToCart (ATC), InitiateCheckout (IC), Purchase (PUR) and more audiences for all your products. It gets even more intricate because you can also bulk generate all of the past day amounts at once, check the example below:

Generate Custom Audiences VC, ATC, PUR IC

If you run Facebook Ads, you definitely know this could save you a lot of manual labor and give you a lot more time towards other things. Being able to generate all these audiences at once gives you plenty of audiences to test and setting up your retargeting audiences in one click.

Pictures don’t do this justice… Watch it in action

This app may or may not be useful to you, especially if you are only doing a single product store. However, all other stores like niche products, POD (print on demand) and niche / general Dropshipping stores this tool could really save you A LOT of time and effort while giving you an additional 11-20% Lookalike audience selection.

This doubled by revenue simply by giving me 10 more Lookalike Audience sizes to choose from while also allowing to create VC, ATC, PUR, IC audiences for EVERY one of my products in my store. I was able to setup ridiculously good retarget campaigns using old winners… mixing and matching old buyers with my new products, gave me instant cheap sales.

You may have thought this app was going to be a magical button that increased your revenue by 2x, but think about it… it can be. All you have to do is use this tool right and you’ll definitely save time, and have plenty of new audiences to test your winners on. If you’d like to give it a try you can get it here.